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Chemtrol pH, and ORP Controllers, Cooling Tower and Boiler Controllers.
NAO, Inc. Flares & Vents, Flame Arrestors, Burners, Ignitors, Incinerators, Thermal Oxidizers, Air Heaters, and Rentals.
Neptune Mixer Portable Gear Drive Mixers, Direct Drive Mixers, Tote Container Mixers, and Drum Mixers.
Sea metrics Turbine, Paddlewheel, Single & Multi-Jet Flow Meters, Mag Meters.  Controls & Timers.
Snyder Industries Industrial Polyethylene Storage Tanks up to 16,500 gallon capacity & Totes.
Unaflex Rubber, Metal & Fabric Expansion Joints.  Stainless Steel Braided Hose.
Waters Equipment Steam/Water Sampling Systems, Sample Coolers, and Pressure Reducers.
Hanna Instruments pH and ORP Controllers & Analyzers, Conductivity, Chlorine, DO, Portable Meters, and Testers.
Oil Skimmers Inc. A unique floating-tube oil removal system, Recover valuable waste oils and environmental waste.